“A white man is promoted: He does good work, he deserved it.
A white woman is promoted: Whose dick did she suck?
A man of color is promoted: Oh, great, I guess we have to “fill quotas” now.
A woman of color is promoted: j/k. That never happens.”

Accurate as fuck comment (via the-wolfbats)

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when i read the description i thought it was gonna be like, two grown men playing private investigator for kicks, but like. they are in high school. theyre babies. why

i ship vex with himself and also with every other character on the show

it is a game that involves a lot of walking around irl in search of “portals” which are tied to real life actual locations and you go to those real life actual locations w ur phone and thru the ingress app you can like, attack portals claimed by yr enemies, deploy thingers to defend ur own portals, its interesting & fun. its for iphone and android so if u have one of those you should check it out jadelyn

there is this one resistance player who must live nearby cause they own like all the portals in this area. i don’t know who they are but i will Destroy them

“And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard.”

"Why Don’t the Unemployed Get Off Their Couches?" and Eight Other Critical Questions for Americans (via seriouslyamerica)

still trying to sell these two cuties. platinum/steel/steel and grey/steel/azure. buy them here.

haymitch:  you call that a kiss?
katniss:  *looks directly into the camera like she's on the office*

like all the portals in my area are churches

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hi my name is elliot.
they/them, pls.

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