my extenuating circumstances are that i don’t wanna

i was assigned a new advisor and

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, I am having all my advisees come meet me for the first time so I can establish where you are in the program and work on a gameplan.


i haven’t worn a dress or makeup of any kind in years and i’m nervous so please tell me i’m pretty

people who think that the bechdel test is the end-all-be-all of feminism….

okay but have you considered: canon nonbinary characters


"misogyny is a made up tumblr meme"


shit man how long has tumblr been around

no wonder all the good urls are fuckin taken 

i may not have a whole lot going for me but at least i don’t go out of my way to make retail workers’ jobs more difficult

Anonymous asked:

you're so cute ;_;


uhm, anon… what are you talking about? the owner of this blog has been dead


also the boy previously referred to as sex friend will from now on be called boyfriend

his ex isn’t as cute as me

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hi my name is elliot.
they/them, pls.

i have this other blog for pretty things.
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